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Custom Work

Do you have a custom project in mind?

Have you seen a customized item online that you would like to have something similar to, or maybe you have a unique idea for a personalized gift? Maybe you want your business logo painted on your wall as part of a focal point in your building. Tanya and Ron are very creative and can help you bring your ideas to life.  They can even help you come up with ideas to make your business presentation unique!


Bigwin Golf Club - Logo Painted on Drywall Bulkhead
Bigwin, Dockside Lounge - Painted Wall Mural
Bigwin, Dockside Lounge - Painted Logo on Wall
Main St. Local - Wall Mural
Restaurant Logo Painted on Brick
Restaurant Window Decals
Commercial Fridge Decals, Store Wayfinding
Vinyl Logo Decal on Ice Cream Freezer
Vinyl Face-lift Gives Old Pumps a Fresh Look
Custom Cottage Sign - 'On The Rocks'
Magnetic Vehicle Decals, for Temporary Advertising
Custom Wedding Sandwich-board Sign
Custom Sign - Car Graphic Modelled After Customers
'Trailer Trash' - Trash Can Decals For Your Camper
Dillinger Decal on '31 Chevy
'Watch Your Step' on Clear Acrylic
'Silly Boys, Trucks are for Grandma's' Decal
Ford 8N - Hand Painted Over Raised Logo
Hand Painted Over Raised Logo
Ford 8N - Hand Painted Over Raised Logos